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Instruction for cleaning

Final cleaning is always included in the reservation. By this we aim to ensure that the cottage is always in the best condition when you arrive, and you will be free to spend your vacation as a vacation all the way. Firewood and disposable peflets are included in the price. Each reservation includes a starter kit containing two rolls of toilet paper, one roll of paper towel, two dishwasher tablets and hand dishwashing detergent.

Although the final cleaning is included in the reservation, you must take care of:

  1. Clean the dishes, empty the dishwasher and put the dishes back. Remember to close the dishwasher tap.
  2. Also wash the parts of the coffee maker.
  3. Clean the grill (easiest when the grill is still hot) and wash the grilling equipment.
  4. Empty all the trash bins (kitchen, toilet and bathroom), take the trash to the garbage can outside. Please don’t fill the cottages’s garbage can with cardboard and paper, instead take them to the eco point at the parking lot of the ski resort. Also check that no trash has fallen into the trash cabinet.
  5. Take the bottles and cans packed in a plastic bag to the hall or take them away with you
  6. Put the furniture in its original places
  7. Check that there is water in the jacuzzi to the LED lights. Add water if needed. Add a chlorine tablet if you haven’t added it the day before departure.
  8. If the reservation includes bed linen, please leave the used sheets and towels stacked on the bed
  9. Take the food you brought with you away or in the trash

The service company will send an invoice (starting at 45 euros) if the above-mentioned matters have been neglected. The costs are charged from the customer.

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