Jacuzzi instructions

Contact info@porevillas.fi if you are unsure or have any questions about using the jacuzzi!

The purpose of these instructions is to guarantee you a pleasant and safe experience in the jacuzzi.

  • Rinse yourself with water thoroughly before going to the jacuzzi without shampoos/soaps/detergents, because shampoo/soap/detergent residues cause foaming in the jacuzzi! Wash with shampoo/soap/detergent only at the end after the jacuzzi bath.
  • Wear a swimsuit
  • Do not take drinks into the jacuzzi for cleanliness reasons
  • If you see loose debris in the jacuzzi, e.g. needles or leaves, collect them
  • Move carefully! The terrace surrounding the jacuzzi can be very slippery
  • Be sure to add water when the water level is below the LED lights!
  • Always add a chlorine tablet at the end of the day. With little use, every other evening is enough.

The jacuzzi is sized for five people. The simultaneous presence of too many people can displace the water from the jacuzzi, and too low water level will damage the jacuzzi.


1. Carefully remove the snow from the lid with a brush
2. Fold the cover by turning the halves of the cover opposite so that the central tube of the cover stand remains at the fold point
3. Use the cover stand to lift the cover to a vertical position from the folding point
Please note that the wind strap of the cover locks automatically. When you want to close the lid, release the latch by lifting the handle (Porevillas A and B)
4. Lift the chemical dispenser out of the pool during the bath
5. Avoid getting sand and debris on the soles of your feet into the pool. During the snow-free period, use a basin to wash your feet.

The pool is ready for use! And so are you after shower!

You can adjust the lights and bubbles from the buttons on the edge of the pool.

The lights have several options, which are changed by turning the lights off and on repeatedly. The lights turn off automatically after four hours.

The bubble pump has two options: filtration and massage speed. You can switch between them by pressing a button or you can enjoy water without bubbles. The filtering speed starts automatically from time to time, then you can’t turn it off, but you can start the massage speed if you want.


  1. After use, turn off the lights and bubbles (during the automatic filtering cycle, the pump does not turn off completely).
  2. At the end of the day, add a chlorine tablet to the pool in the filter’s suction hole in the place indicated by the arrow in the picture. With lighter use for 2-4 people, an addition every other day is enough.

Chlorine tablets and disposable gloves for handling them can be found in the upper cabinet in the hall.

3. Check that there is water up to the LED lights. If necessary, add water to the jacuzzi using the water hose found in the outdoor storage. Close the tap, drain the hose and return it to storage

Porevillas A, hose in the outdoor storage.
Porevillas B, hose connected to the tap.
4. Lift the chemical dispenser back into the pool
5. Clean the edges of the cover and the edges of the pool from snow

6. Close the lid. Check that the edges and corners fit properly on all sides.

SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS (jacuzzi manufacturer Oy Nordic Spa Ltd) NOTE! Read the safety instructions carefully and follow these instructions!

  • Children may not use the jacuzzi without adult supervision.
  • Check the suitability of the water temperature before using the jacuzzi with small children.
  • Do not let children climb on the insulated deck of the jacuzzi.
  • Diving is not allowed in the jacuzzi.
  • Close and lock the insulation cover whenever the jacuzzi is not in use.
  • Do not keep the device compartment open.
  • Do not remove or block suctions, and do not use the jacuzzi without suctions or if the suctions are broken.
  • Do not bring electrical equipment closer than 2.5 meters from the jacuzzi Failure to maintain a safe distance increases the risk of electric shock and can cause serious injury.
  • The acrylic surface of the pool can be slippery. Be careful when entering and exiting the jacuzzi.
  • Keep loose clothing and jewelry away from rotating nozzles and other moving parts.
  • The use of intoxicating substances, alcohol or medicines before or during the use of the jacuzzi may cause a risk of drowning. The use of an jacuzzi should always be discussed with the doctor who prescribed the medication. The use of the jacuzzi under the influence of the above-mentioned substances is the user’s own responsibility.
  • If you have an artificial joint or a pacemaker, you should discuss the use of the jacuzzi with your doctor.
  • The use of an jacuzzi during pregnancy should be discussed with a doctor.
  • We recommend a maximum of 30 minutes continuous bathing, after which you should cool down for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Take care of adequate hydration during the bathing.
  • Water hotter than 40 °C can be a health hazard.

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