Instructions Porevillas Iso-Syöte B

Please read these instructions regarding your stay at Porevillas -cottage. Please share the link with everyone travelling with you.

PorevillasB Wi-Fi password: 2023BPoreVillas

The Yale smart lock is opened by pressing the star * “6-digit code” star *. The door locks from the outside by pressing the star *. The door is locked from the inside by turning the knob so that the indicator light turns red.
The key to the outdoor storage and the tag of the electric car charging station hang on the hook in the hallway. You are welcome to use the outdoor storage for skis and other equipment. Always remember to return the keys immediately.
There is a timer-equipped car heating plug and an electric car charging station. The use of the charging station is controlled by a remote connection and charging can be started with the tag on the hook in the hallway. Remember to immediately return the tag back. If you haven’t paid the charge for using the charging station (20 euros) when booking the accommodation, you can do it easily with MobilePay.

Please note! Dynamic load management is not yet connected to the charging station due to a missing component. This means that you yourself must ensure that the car is not charged, for example, while taking a sauna. The charging power should be adjusted to a lower level than the maximum (11 kW / 16 A), for example 6-7 kW (9-10 A).
Snowshoes and poles are for your use. Return the equipment to its place after use.
Sledges and sliders are for your use. You can burn firewood in the fireplace. The firewood bags are reused, so put the empty bags in the outdoor storage. Any firewood may not be taken away from the cabin.
Do not turn on the stove fan if there is a fire in the fireplace!
The jacuzzi’s cover’s wind trap locks automatically. It can be released from this handle when you want to close the lid. Check the full instructions
It is extremely important to ensure that there is enough water in the jacuzzi! Regular addition of chlorine should also be taken care of!
It is quite normal for the water level in the jacuzzi to drop when you use it: water evaporates, splashes and is carried when you get out of the pool. If necessary, add water to the whirlpool so that the water level reaches up to the LED lights. Make sure the tap is closed and make sure the hose is drained after use so it doesn’t freeze and clog! A chlorine tablet should be added to the jacuzzi at the end of the day. With low use, e.g. 2-4 people, one tablet every other day is sufficient. Chlorine tablets can be found in the upper cupboard in the hall and there are also disposable gloves. The chlorine tablet is placed in the filter box where the hose in the picture goes. Check the full instructions
The child gate of the loft stairs is unlocked by pulling the flap of the cover away from the wall and at the same time pressing the button down.
The baby’s travel bed and its separate mattress and mattress cover can be found in the closet of the master bedroom. A mattress cover should be used on the mattress, which can be washed if necessary. Stack and return to the closet after use.

PorevillasB Wi-Fi password: 2023BPoreVillas

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